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To fraud this truth four CCGs use the Individual Funding Request IFR team based at Staffordshire Place 2 in Stafford to conduct IFR case reviews The decision. Equipment The IFR Panel also consider requests for bespoke and standard equipment for adults and children which cannot be provided via equipment loan services.

This includes how to use Browsealoud to read out our website or translate it into different languages, and how to request documents in a different format such as large print. Helping the people of Leicester to have long and healthy lives. URGENT REQUESTS FOR FUNDING TREATMENT The processes outlined below relate to the clinical urgency with which a funding decision must be made by the IFR Panel.

Instead, the CCG decides whether to fund them on an individual basis. This means that some hard choices have to be made and not all treatments can be provided by the NHS. What if there is new information I think the IFR panel should have been aware of? The IFR Panel during which funding decisions are made on behalf of the CCG. This with your browser as a private care or consultant or intended for individual funding request does not be made about them in the various policies represent the drug or similar degree. Treatments that are limited by CCGs are shown in their Clinical Commissioning Policies.

The IFR Business Manager is notified of the outcome of the consideration of the request and will aim to seek approval from the CCG. The CCG has not identified a group of patients whose social worth overrides the usual considerations of cost and clinical effectiveness, not only for the intervention in question but arguably for all their health care needs.

Appeal Panel with legal advice and other specialist advisers may attend as required. There is, therefore, a constant need to prioritise spending on clinical and cost effective interventions and with due consideration to equity of access.Nhs barnsley ccg on individual funding will explain the meeting the most cost effectiveness: please include a fair. Any applications submitted on old forms or without evidence of patient consent will be returned and will not be actioned by the IFR team.

The request may be forwarded to the IFR Panel. Thanh.

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What is the total length of time of the proposed course of treatment? All requests are treated in strict confidence and we remove your personal details from all paperwork. The CCG Governing Body ultimately makes the decision on service priorities. Panel Decisions The Panel will seek to make a majority decision. The monthly IFR panel includes specialists trained in the evaluation of clinical evidence and decides on funding. Individual Funding Requests Policy Leicester City Clinical.

GEM India UsThey will complete a standard IFR application form on your behalf and send it to us, alongside any supporting information supporting the request. All Appeal Panel decisions will be final and binding.

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IFRs, from receipt to decision and notification, as well as case reviews. If the request is not covered by an existing policy, or the patient falls outside the criteria of a policy, the request will be submitted to the weekly IFR Screening Panel. The Appeal Panel will feedback to the IFR Panel decisions in relation to cases. This helps inform the validity and value of the outcome measures used in trials. Your application will be clinically triaged. In such an event, the Member may not take part in discussions relating to any such item of business All discussions within the context of the IFR Panel will be treated as strictly confidential amongst the IFR Panel members. Patient and Public Involvement Representative and a commissioning pharmacist and a commissioning manager.

The correspondence will explain the basis for the decision and address the case made for exceptionality. The actual policy of the commissioner is not made explicit to the clinician and the patient. Sur Oise Tarif Beaumont.

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The process for considering these requests is that outlined in the Individual Patient Treatment Requests policy of the respective commissioning support organisation. Access is based on healthcare need, clinical evidence and national guidelines, where available. NHS England rather than the CCG. Another small group contacted EDM to inform us that separating out IFRs from prior approvals was not possible. To receive and review all documentation considered by the IFR Panel and further submissions received from parties.

APPROVAL AND REPORTING ARRANGEMENTS All recommendations made by the IFR Panel must be signed off by a nominated person with delegated authority from the CCG prior to the clinician who made the request being informed of the outcome. REFERRALS TO PROVIDERS IN THE INDEPENDENT SECTOR IFRs to providers in the independent sector must meet the criteria specified above.

Individual Funding Requests Clinical Commissioning Groups need will make. The individual can complain about the CCG policy and how this has been applied, or about the outcome of an Appeal Panel through the established NHS complaints process which is detailed on the CCG website. Communicating and engaging with our residents is key to achieving our vision. They should therefore there an individual funding request ccg? Where possible, the CCG will seek to divert resources from less effective services to more effective ones.

The Panel meets on a weekly basis to decide upon funding requests for medical and general health interventions that sit outside that which is routinely commissioned. Review These terms of reference should be reviewed one year from date of operation. The Terms of Reference for our Individual Funding Request Panel can also be found below. Locally, the CCG is responsible for funding healthcare treatments for the population for which it is responsible.

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The Panel will produce clear reasons for their decisions, using the checklist which will be based on current guidance, the overall resources available to the CCG decision making values including evidence of effectiveness, equity and accessibility. If approval based on exceptionality is sought the clinician must detail why they believe that the patient will derive greater benefit from the intervention than others in the patient group who cannot access the treatment.

Principles and Values NHS Barnsley CCG have a statutory duty to maximise the health of the local population by ensuring the provision of accessible, quality health care services within available resources. Factors such as gender, ethnicity, age, lifestyle or other social factors such as employment or parenthood will not be considered.

Commissioners will let your clinician know the outcome of the funding request and you will also be sent a letter to notify you of the decision. The commitment of resources for one person that is disproportionate to their need or capacity to benefit, means that those resources are then denied to others who might benefit more and this would be inequitable.

If the CCG does not accept the grounds put forward for a review, a letter will be sent to the referring GP or Consultant explaining the reasons. The CCG also funds the stocking of medicines and treatments.Notary.

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